Sunday, May 1, 2011


I know they already started writing books about Judge Barrasse & the corruption within Scranton "Like-they-wanna" Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, but I still can't believe the Political & Judicial corruption continues, I will use this fine city, New York City. In NYC no respectful, or even senile judge would be one of the share holders of an ankle bracelett company that supplies the same individuals on Drug Court in the same State.....NEVER MIND COUNTY! Then the former boss of the District Attorney's office, is now the judge who oversees DRUG COURT and decides who and how long someone is on the bracelet and profits from each forced fan of his circus. Take a guess who????? The HONORABLE JUDGE BARRASSE!!! Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest in any other county??? I believe it is ONLY $75.00 weekly in a town where the average income in almost at POVERTY LEVEL. I mean  he is only one of a long line of crooks in Scranton. What about the PRISON SCANDAL? How about when then DA, had wife purchased a high end car at a confiscation auction?  Drug Enforcement Cops BUSTED stealing Drugs and CASH...........Only PROBATION??? I ask any Attorney, Judge, or Police Officer, would this be allowed in your city? The ONLY Attorney who can get you a "good deal" is a Judge's nephew! What about all the SNITCHES? I didn't mean to get off topic but this amazes me. HMMM! Now don't get me wrong there are a whole bunch of STAND UP GUYS BUT most are in prison to corrupt convicted cops and one of the crooked Judges. Lets see if we can name a few who got arrested over and over and might be behind you in a store buying smokes. Please feel free to add, now I have personally seen their pleas or Proffers from the FEDS. ONLY ADD Rats you can prove are so.
    There are so many where to start............ Albert Abda, Christopher Joyce, Frank Howe, Thomas Selemba, Tom Evans, Nicholas Fazio jr, Michael Swiderski, Salvatore Tamano, Joseph Nape (DEAD), Eric Ekinrode, & Mike Evans just to name a few we intend to do a complete post to these crime fighters.

     I would now like to list some STAND UP GUYS........ Edward "Ziggy" Rafalko, William Feresse, Jason Tracharricco, Jake Kelly (RIP), Marlo Diana, Richie Sullen, Al Carpinet, Jeff Price, Eddie Coss,  Big E, Shea Mosqwa, Lou Domiano, Frank Montionne,Chris Purnell, Jim Horvath, and Timmy Lasher. Just to name a few!  If you disagree.. tell us!

I love Barrasse's middle name.. JUDAS. He sold Jesus out for 10 pence of silver I believe.